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24 July 2017

24/07/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2017 | BJJ Fundamentals (Christian Graugart)

Class #849
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Christian Graugart, Leuven, Belgium, 24/07/2017

This is a session Christian often teaches, providing a general introduction to both the camp and a helpful concept for jiu jitsu in general. That concept is the importance of controlling the space between your chest and knees. On top, you're trying to insert something into that space in order to get the pass or maintain control, while on the bottom, you're trying to either prevent them getting into that space (as when defending your guard), or reclaim that space (like when you are attempting to escape side control etc).

Christian had a new name for it this time, 'bellybutton touching competition', to emphasise the area you're both trying to control. Other than that, it was a repeat of last time, where after introducing the idea, Christian then had us do a bunch of light resistance drills to emphasise the idea. There was one part I didn't remember from 2016, which is having us commentate the roll, to get you thinking about what you're doing. I like the thought behind that, getting into that technical mindset when rolling. The difference is that normally you'd have that commentary running inside your head, rather than speaking it out loud. ;)

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