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27 July 2017

27/07/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2017 | Half Mount (Priit Mihkelson)

Class #859
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Priit Mikhelson, Leuven, Belgium, 27/07/2017

Like yesterday, precious gems surrounded by long lectures. I had trouble drilling anything, like yesterday, because I struggled to remember the gem due to all the lecture dampening my recall. Mikhelson is a great example of why it is so useful to get video of instruction: I would have found it impossible to remember anything from the lesson without them.

This lesson progressed from the high half position Priit spoke about previously, into half mount. The Greco-Roman shoulders returned, along with discussion on posture in closed guard and scarf hold too. Priit also talked about reverse half guard.

As before, you have an arm posted behind their head, but you've managed to get your trapped leg knee to the ground. Turn so your weight is loaded up on the knee of the trapped leg. Your other foot is based out on the other side, keeping your body low.

You're also still using those Greco-Roman shoulders, turning towards the mat so your shoulders are parallel with the mat. Avoid any tilting. From here, it is possible to turns towards their legs while leaning over towards their back. Your free leg swings to their front, as you dive and grab their bottom leg. You roll through from there to get the back, transition through the truck.

Priit also has an interesting grip where he grabs their arm and posts on it, saying that there is not the risk of kimuras that you would expect. If you can step to reverse half guard, Priit emphasised that you must have the knee past their legs. In terms of mount it was unusual too, as Priit likes to twist, he never sits square. In his opinion, the legs are dead in that position, you need to do a twist.

It's a teaching style I find tricky to unpick. There were loads of details in there which I'm sure would be useful, but I'm not sure how to access and arrange them in my head. I'll keep reviewing the videos and it will hopefully become clear. ;)

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