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07 September 2017

07/09/2017 - Open Mat (Thursday)

Class #899
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 07/09/2017

Thursdays are settling into a good pattern, with Matt there to help out. He had some interesting options to show to Tracey, bringing the leg under as they escape the back, in order to flick them forwards and switch into side control. He was also chatting to Josh about single leg x, progressing to the classic x guard sweep if the person on top is trying to crush down into the leg. I try to do that a lot, so I got to be a useful training partner today. As soon as I push the heel off my hip, the big thing I'm trying to avoid is them bouncing my foot to their shoulder, as then they just have to push their legs to stretch me out. If you can smoothly switch into full x guard when the heel is push off, that sets you up well for the sweep. So from my perspective, I want to keep my feet in place and be able to turn my knee in. :)

Tuesday and Thursday are also the main sparring time for me at the moment, so I decided I should focus on back escapes, as I feel weak there. I tried to lean forward to make space, reverse engineering my back control lesson. I also made sure to get my hands in place: if they aren't there, chokes happen very quickly. Working for the scoop escape was possible too, if they didn't yet have their grips, but in sparring I find it's rare to completely stop them getting some kind of hold under your armpit. They will have an elbow if nothing else.

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