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20 October 2017

20/10/2017 - Teaching | Mount | High Figure-Four

Teaching #712
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 20/10/2017

Today I looked at some attacks from high mount, where you've gotten up right by their head. The first option I like to try is fishing out an arm and doing an americana against the leg (though the distinction between americana and kimura gets a bit blurred). Your knees are by their ears, squeezing in tight, causing their arms to cross over their face. For this attack, you need to be able to thread your arm by their crook of their elbow.

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Grab their wrist with your other arm, using your initial arm to grip your own wrist (same configuration as if you were doing a kimura from north-south). Making sure your knees are squeezing in tight, bend their arm against your leg for the submission. Be sure to use the turn of your body, rather than purely your arms: you'll get more leverage that way.
Teaching Notes: Key thing is getting the knees up really high, people always try the attack from too low. That means their partner will have too much space. In terms of balance, it is worth talking about using the forehead: a number of people said they fell forward. That's fine as long as you're confident about your forehead as a base point. If you already have their arm locked up, then their escape route out the back shouldn't be as high a risk.

I made a point of mentioning that they may not have anything left to tap with, something that needs to be mentioned every time, along with putting the submission on gradually. If people haven't already had information about getting the knees up high, that will slow this lesson down, so I should only teach it in a month where I've spent a good bit of time on getting under the elbows and moving up.

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