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22 December 2017

22/12/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Over-Under Pass

Teaching #741
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 22/12/2017

Short Version:
  • Step over their leg
  • Dive in for the over under grip
  • Grab their belt and clamp your head to their hip on the under side
  • Walk towards the over side, then back again to the under side
  • Backstep your leg clear, bring your knee under, then move up for the pass

Full Version: Grab their leg in a baseball bat grip, then step over and dive in for the over under grip. Your arm by that leg goes over, keeping the elbow tight. Your other arm goes under the other leg, grabbing their belt. Lock your head to that hip. Walk around to the non-head clamp side to straighten out their leg. Walk back the other way, then backstep to clear their leg. Bring your knee tight underneath and move into the pass.

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This is the simplest version, but there are plenty of variations. Typically you will firmly grab the trouser leg and stuff it backwards, but that is quite hard on the fingers. Nevertheless, it's a more secure option. Bernardo Faria is particularly good on this pass: we'll look at other version in the future. Be careful to keep your head and elbows tight, to prevent them managing to wedge an arm between and shrug off your control.

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Teaching Notes: Combines well with underhook passes, I should show that too. The main thing that people have trouble with is clearing the leg, also there is a risk of getting caught in a kimura or shoulder clamp if you don't keep the elbow tight. The Xande option is a good alternative, which I showed a few people: I think I will teach that one next time. He switches from an underhook pass into the over under, transferring his grip to inside the knee, palm out, then just steps over. So, the 'over' part isn't quite there in the same way, but still fits with this pass. On BJJ Library, so I'll check that again before I teach it next time.

Some drilling footage from class, with extra xmas flavour:

Xmas game went well too. I added in some new rules, which seemed to solve some of the hiccups I've found with this game the previous times I've done it. Now, each team has a sock on one foot, so left foot and right foot teams. To steal a member, you have to transfer that sock over. Another new thing this year was two mascots, so a yeti as well as a reindeer. Plus a rule that you couldn't take your bum more than a cm off the ground. Hooray for Defend Your Reindeer! ;p

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