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27 December 2017

27/12/2017 - Wednesday Open Mat

Class #937
Artemis BJJ (Xercise4Less Fishponds), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 27/12/2017

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MYGYM is closed in the evenings over the Winterval period between xmas and New Year, but fortunately there is an alternative for small groups over in Fishponds. I take personal training sessions from the excellent Strength Lab over at the Xercise4Less in Fishponds, a large gym which has a cage. It can't fit more than a handful of people, but it's good enough for four of us to drill and roll in there. We did some BJJ after my kettlebells finished at 18:30, getting in a few rolls with Lisa along with some leglock escape drilling. I'm fairly confident now that I know what to do on a basic straight footlock, but I need to practice being put in kneebars and toeholds more often, so I can escape those too. Fortunately for me, Rich is a big fan of leglocks, so I should be able to get lots of practice in, as long as I make sure I'm at Sunday open mats when he's teaching his nogi classes. :)

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