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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

18 January 2018

18/01/2017 - Thursday Open Mat

Class #942
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 18/01/2017

Smaller session today, which reminds me that it has now become comparatively unusual for a daytime open mat to have less than three people show up. Cool! Anyway, today I wanted to prep for tomorrow's class. I've been wanting to teach the bridge sweep sequence off that old Lost Secrets of the Half Guard DVD for a while, but they aren't sweeps I've ever used much myself. I therefore had a play with them at open mat, first drilling and trying to teach them to the two guys there, then some progressive resistance. I think that the sweeps on their own can work, but most likely against anybody good, their main use will be as an aid to recover guard and/or a method for making somebody on top move when they have you really flattened.

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