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19 January 2018

19/01/2018 - Teaching | Half Guard | Bridge Sweeps

Teaching #745
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 19/01/2018

Short Version:
  • You've been squashed flat, they have a crossface and underhook
  • Block their non trapped knee with your arm
  • Drive off your outside leg (stepping it out from the kickstand if needed)
  • Punch up through their head with your trapped leg side arm
  • Bridge and roll to the top

Full Version: I first saw this sequence on an DVD series from a few years ago, by Vince Quitigua. In Lost Techniques of the Half Guard, he has a simple solution to when you've been put in what would generally be seen as the worst position under half guard. They have not only managed to get a solid cross face, they've also underhooked you on the other side. However, using the same principle as the trap and roll from under mount, that means there is an opportunity to block off two of their limbs on the same side.

As they have already put their arm under your head, if you can block their leg on that side and bridge, you can roll them over. Therefore all you need to do is use your arm to stop their leg from stepping out. If their leg is too far away, turn your hips towards your underhook side to bring it in, then place your arm next to it. Push off your other foot and swing your arm up around their head on the side they've underhooked. Bridge and roll them over from there.

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The major flaw with this option is that if they bring their arm out from crossfacing you, then they will be able to use that to prevent your roll. A method for preventing that defence is to use your own arm to lock their crossfacing arm by your head, like you would if they were crossfacing your from mount. As your arm is now occupied, you're going to use your same side leg to hook their leg instead, then push off with your other leg to complete the roll. Again, if their leg is too far away from your body, turn your hips to the underhook side.

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Be aware that there is a risk if you uncross your legs to generate the leverage for the push, so be careful of them freeing their leg. Also, with a savvy partner they may be able to avoid your attempt to bridge and roll by quickly adjusting their weight distribution and putting up a leg. Be ready for that opportunity to recover to full guard, as they will find it tricky to do that without leaving some kind of opening for you to bring your leg through.

Teaching Notes: I was uncrossing my kickstand in order to get the push, though if your legs are long enough, then you could still get enough leverage without doing that. By uncrossing your legs, there is a risk they will manage to pass at that point, so if it's possible to get the roll while keeping the kickstand locked, so much the better. Something to attempt before next time. Also, does it matter if you grab the trouser leg instead of simply block? Less versatile I guess as you've committed to a grip, but still works.

I also should make more of a point about the chance to recover full guard, in case they react before you're able to complete the sweep. On the second one, I find that you normally are able to step through to side control due to the position of your legs, but if you end up inside their guard instead, still better than being stuck on the bottom. But again, something to look at when preparing to teach this next time.

And yeah, I've got a long backlog of posts, need to get cracking with that as I'm well over a month behind at the time of writing. Rest of the posts are coming, plus I have a couple of reviews I need to get on with too. :)

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