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27 January 2018

27/01/2018 - Marcos Nardini BJJ Glasgow | Open Mat

Class #946
Marcos Nardini BJJ, Glasgow, Scotland - 27/01/2017

Another one writting up well after the event. This was during a visit to lovely Glasgow for a UKBJJA First Aid course, where I was once again hosted by the awesome Cristiana and Giles. We popped down to where they were training at the time afterwards, where I got in a few rolls with various people both at the club and from the course. That's where I first got to train properly with Callum and Paula, which is cool as they then popped down to the GrappleThon later in the year too.

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It's been a while since I last went to Glasgow, but I was making the trip up again this weekend for the UKBJJA First Aid Course at the Griphouse.

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Glasgow may not be close to Bristol, but it is very cheap to get there on the Megabus. I paid about a tenner to go there and back. The major downside is the long journey time, but I'm inured to that at this point. I normally get at least some sleep on the bus and I think (hopefully) I'm getting better at sleeping on them. But yeah, you may not want to spend that long sat on a bus (the fact I'm short helps too, don't need much leg room to be comfortable ;D).

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