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22 April 2018

22/04/2018- Teaching | Closed Guard | Figure 4 Bicep Guard Rolling Armbar (NoGi)

Teaching #773
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 22/04/2018

Good open mat and nogi class today. I tested out another figure four bicep guard option, this time a rolling armbar. You swivel through basing on your head and shoulder, shin into the back of their neck. As you roll them through, switch your leg so your instep is behind their head.

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That can be tricky to do in transition. Also, you then need to turn and get your knee over towards their legs. A few people kept either going the other way, or not going far enough towards the legs. Basing on the head caused some problems too, understandable as it's a tricky position if you're not used to wrestling.

Loads of drilling during open mat, İ wasn't sparring so I could save myself for the GrappleThon. Matt H showed me an interesting near side gi tail choke, which Oslander calls the snare. İt's nasty, but not a crank. You can do it straight off the cross face, then just loop your arm around and drop the elbow. How to make it less mean?

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