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06 May 2018

06/05/2018 - Sunday Open Mat

Class #977
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 06/05/2018

It was useful to drill some more Priit material with Josh, specifically the transition between running escape, turtle and seated turtle (panda). Josh made the handy point that to switch easily to turtle, it was important to have the head on the mat. While Saulo's version of the running escape with your head in your armpit blocks the choke more effectively, it does make it considerably trickier to post on your head and pop up into turtle.

I have also found Josh's tip on splitting the legs into a sort of hurdler's stretch from turtle helps with the transition to seated turtle. Previously I was just kicking the leg back, which isn't as effective. I'm still a bit concerned about getting either my neck and/or my back crushed underneath somebody when doing that, but it is feeling more comfortable the more I do it. I also got to work on the switch into double underhooking the leg to come on top, though with my current leg injury that isn't comfortable.

We then spent a while doing the Rob Biernacki top control drill, which is perfect for my current injuries. Hanging out on the bottom was both fun and useful for working that Priit sequence some more, plus trying out random stuff. As ever, hooray for Josh! I'm keen to start making it to the Wednesday early open mats, but that will have to wait until I leave my part time office job and add another 30 mins onto that open mat. Something to look forward to. :D

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