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09 May 2018

09/05/2018 - Morning Open Mat

Class #979
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 06/05/2018

Really fun open mat this morning. I don't normally make it because my gf doesn't tend to wake up that early and our front door is noisy, but today, she got up earlier than usual. Hooray! I was able to chat with students about the 'butterfly mount' they were working on, which I didn't realise had a name, but looked fun. I've been doing that for ages without realising it was its own position: basically, you hook your insteps by their thighs, just like in butterfly, the difference being you're in mount and your feet are behind you. Combines well with knee on belly and that floaty style Josh likes to play (and I sometimes do too, if I'm having a particularly loose roll).

I then had a very fun spar with Josh, spinning around looking for sweeps and arms. Attacking the kimura, he curled in tight and tried to hide his arm under his leg, but I noticed that his leg looked available. So, unusually for me, I locked in a kneebar instead. That could be my entry into the scary world of leglocks, as kneebars feel safe (both in terms of putting them on and that it doesn't feel like the person escaping is going to explode crazily and hurt themselves). I also don't feel like I'm giving up position in the way that I normally feel with, say, straight ankle locks.

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