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18 May 2018

18/05/2018 - Teaching | Mount | Technical Mount Chokes

Teaching #779
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 18/05/2018

If your partner turns underneath your mount, such as when they try to get an elbow into your knee, you can switch to technical mount. Put your weight on your hands, in order to make it easy for your legs to slide into position. When they turn, they will open up some space by their back. Slide your knee up into that space, aiming to get it by their head. With your other leg, bring your heel to their far hip. You're also going to twist your torso, meaning that you are facing in the same direction they are. Bring your chest tight to their shoulder blade, your lower arm going over their shoulder, the top arm under their armpit. Clamp your hands together, in a position much like the back.

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For the standard technical mount choke, use the hand you have under their top arm to grasp their nearest collar, then open it up. Your other hand curls around their neck, whereupon you can feed the collar for a tight grip. Your first hand is now going to push through past the crook of their elbow, catching their arm in the process. Bring that hand behind their head, then pull your collar gripping hand back towards you, snaking around their neck. This should result in a tight choke: close it off by pushing the fingertips of the hand behind their head to the mat. That drives their head into the collar, which you're also tightening up at the same time.

If they manage to block your choking hand, you can instead switch to an armbar. Your top arm will reach through and grab your own gi, while your other arm will post directly in front of their face. This help prevent them escaping the attack. Lean towards their feet, step your leg around their head, then drop back for the armbar, squeezing your knees as usual. You can also roll through for chokes, along with the bow and arrow (as per the vids below).

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Teaching Notes: I went for three different chokes today, as I wanted to build a sequence. That may have been too many, I could just stick with the arm thread and the bow and arrow. Still, I think that third choke provides a handy option, as it is possible they will turn away and block the first two chokes. However, to delve into that technique properly, I'll need to drill and practice it a load more, with a fully working knee.

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