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14 July 2018

14/07/2018 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2018 | Open Mat

Class #1012
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Open Mat, Leuven, Belgium, 14/07/2018

2nd open mat time, rolls with Morgane (morrrr-han), plus Weronika. Framing, trying Priit method. Watch for neck grips in turtle, hand fighting in side control. Pressing armbars, also kimura grip. With Ralph, north south, threaten the breadcutter, wait for arm to bend, then forehead it. 

With Priit turtle, will keep trying, but wary of chokes. Karla choked me at Heidelcamp when I tried it, so gotta be careful. Perfect time to panda, when to do? Also did a bunch of X guard sweeps, knocking backwards. İf they kneel, what was his follow up? Think he had one, knocks them over. 

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