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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

09 October 2018

09/10/2018 - Tuesday daytime

Class #1057
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 09/10/2018

Back from Sicily, back to the mats. Hooray! Also, in rather big news, today marks my first day as a full time BJJ instructor. Yay! <3

More testing of Kenny's mount attack today. I also got in some good rolling with Lisa, who is quickly becoming one of my fave training partners. Tracey also ran through her planned syllabus now that she's taking over the kids class: it looks fantastic! Very cool to see all these dedicate, top notch teachers I am lucky enough to have at the club. :D

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