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10 October 2018

10/10/2018 - Teaching | Mount | Technical Mount Maintenance & Simple Back Take

Teaching #803
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 10/10/2018

If your partner turns underneath your mount, such as when they try to get an elbow into your knee, you can switch to technical mount. Put your weight on your hands, in order to make it easy for your legs to slide into position. When they turn, they will open up some space by their back. Slide your knee up into that space, aiming to get it by their head. With your other leg, bring your heel to their far hip. You're also going to twist your torso, meaning that you are facing in the same direction they are. Bring your chest tight to their shoulder blade, your lower arm going over their shoulder, the top arm under their armpit. Clamp your hands together, in a position much like the back.

Technical mount is useful for maintaining your mount, as per the drill we regularly do where you pull the elbow back up. It also enables you to take the back, with Galvao's method. If you have a collar grip, you can pull them up enough to jam your knee under their shoulder. Use that to get them onto their side. You can now drop back from technical mount, rolling them over the knee you've just stuck under the shoulder, near their head. The foot you had by their hip becomes your first hook, so you just need to bring the second hook over. Cut your knee underneath them to help facilitate that back position.

The same kind of motion works as a method of retaking the back if you lose one hook, so it has some versatility. In the context of retaking the back, the time to use this is before they get their shoulders to the mat. They've managed to clear one of your hooks and started bringing their hips over. Before they can get their shoulders to the mat, press your chest into their shoulder and roll them onto their side, in the direction they were escaping. You'll probably need to balance on your shoulder and head to get into the right position.

Alternatively, you can use the technical mount to get into a solid high mount. As they try to turn, you switch to technical mount. Control their elbow to pull them back flat to the mat. In the process, take the opportunity to drive your knee up into the space, resulting in a high mount.

Teaching Notes: Went a bit more conceptual today, especially as I knew that some of this would have already been covered when I was away. So, I focused on technical mount, creating a window and filling it with the knee. Then how you can grab far elbow, replacing that with your other knee to go straight into a high mount. Good method.

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