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02 January 2019

02/01/2019 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2019 | Christian Graugart, side control top

Class #1093
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Christian Graugart, Wagrain, Austria - 02/01/2019

I was quite tired for this, but fortunately it wasn't anything supremely taxing. Essentially, this was similar to the class I teach about maintaining side control, but using different reference points. Rather than the control point framework I talk about in my lessons, Christian built his around certain movements and techniques. Keep them flat, with five points in mind. There's the head, near elbow, near knee, far elbow and far knee. Keep their head looking away.

Then, near elbow, keep it away from his ribs. Keep their knee off mat. Lift, you could also try putting your knee under, weave. Kinda like control points, but more reverse engineering their escape. So maybe you have two, they escape some others. So you adjust. Always thinking about those five points. Think about mechanics, why are you doing that? Like, weird ways to stop them getting elbow to ribs.

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