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05 January 2019

05/01/2019 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2019 | Open Mat

Class #1099
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Open Mat, Wagrain, Austria - 05/01/2019

I'll combine all the open mat into one with this post, as Saturday was by far my main open mat training. I did a little on previous days, particularly drilling with Caroline after we went to Mario's off the mat session about drilling. Proved inspiring, so we got together the next morning at 7am, repeating that for most of the camp.

I also had a chance to roll with Mario, mostly working on my back escape. I was trying to move into the panda position Priit teachers, but couldn't fight past Mario's arms to learn forward enough. That's something to play with more, check Priit's videos again too (and possibly pick his brain at the next camp). We also had an interesting discussion about training intensity. It didn't change my mind (I still feel it's best to keep things as calm and relaxed as you can), but Mario made a good point about that Cane Prevost 70% rule. Specifically, what is it 70% of: a high intensity roll, or of your own personal 100%? As in my case those could be very different things, given I never roll with much intensity.

Very pleased that at this camp, I was able to spar with all of my favourite training partners, which IIRC was almost all female (apart from Mario). Karla was tough as always, almost immediately going for a tight choke (though this time at least I was able to escape, unlike Heidelcamp ;D). As ever I was looking for the kimura on everybody. I'm really loving that grip detail on grabbing the belt or gi to free up your hand, very useful!

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