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05 January 2019

05/01/2019 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2019 | Mario Hudelist, sitting guard frames

Class #1098
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Mario Hudelist, Wagrain, Austria - 05/01/2019

Since the Heidelcamp last year, where I first met Mario (he was at other camps I've been to, but I hadn't had a chance to train with him until later), I've been avidly following his mariodrills Instagram channel. His lesson on guard retention was brilliant, providing me with numerous drills I have incorporated into the warm ups at Artemis BJJ. Therefore the fact he was going to be at Winter Camp was a significant part of the reason I was keen to attend.

Looking at the schedule, I was pleased to see he would again be teaching guard retention. I assumed it would be a repeat of Heidelcamp 2018, which would be cool as I relish the chance to repeat lessons (I'm a huge believer in depth rather than breadth: I'd be happy learning one technique for a year, but most people are more easily bored ;D). However, it turned out even better, as what Mario actually taught was exactly the open guard I use most often: sitting guard with a frame on their shoulder/collar. It could not have been more perfectly suited to my game. Superb!

It also meant I had whole load more drills to test out at Artemis BJJ. Looking forward to next time! I need to carefully rewatch all the video I took before I next teach open guard at my school. So far (I'm writing this up in May, so a few months down the line), I've mainly used his frame switch when teaching. There was a load more though, must review it before open guard (which is coming up in the next month or two, I'm finishing off side control month as I write this).

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