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16 February 2019

16/02/2019 - Clifton open mat

Class #1112
Artemis BJJ (The Exercise Club, Clifton), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 16/02/2019

Good rolls with Matt H, it's been a while. I'm continuing to work on framing. Matt is trying to not rely so much on his (extremely good) over under pass, so while we did end up there, he wasn't driving as much as he could have. That's why my frame was enough to prevent him completing the movement. He could have grabbed my posted arm and completed his drive forward, I think.

So, I'd like to drill that position a bunch, testing out how to keep my frames in place under pressure. For example, there is the variation that was showed at RGA Bucks when I visited a while back (one of Dan's classes, IIRC). Rather than posting on your straight arm or with a right angle elbow, you lean into the elbow with an acute angle. That makes it harder to them to pull out your posting arm.

I also tried to use my legs for framing too, having rewatched some of Defensive Guard recently. I felt like I lost connection, so will keep playing with that.

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