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29 May 2019

29/05/2019 - Teaching | Women's Class | Basic side control escapes

Teaching #871
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 29/05/2019

Two beginners tonight, one of whom was brand new, so I ran through the basic side control escape. For the slightly more experienced student, I also added in the turn to knees. Interestingly, when she was doing that, her partner kept falling over, due to being unfamiliar with base. That meant the lesson also turned into a refresher on controlling from the top. This reminds me again that it's important to build your own training partners: it is always worth investing a good bit of time into beginners, as you can basically design the perfect training tool. ;)

Obviously you're also trying to help them get better too, but it makes sense to have both people get something useful out of the experience. I was finding this again later in the mixed class, giving tips to people on how best to stop my game. Means everybody improves. :D

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