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05 September 2019

05/09/2019 - Teaching | Open Guard | Forwards technical stand up, into float pass

Teaching #902
Artemis BJJ (The Exercise Club), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 05/09/2019

Brazilian jiu jitsu is based on the ground. With the numerous complex methods for moving around on your back and bum, it is easy to forget that you still have the option of simply getting up. This is what Matt 'Aesopian' Kirtley calls the forgotten fundamental of BJJ. He has a great video on the topic, which I have wanted to incorporate into a lesson for a while. This is especially applicable to getting up from a sweep, an area I've noticed people often have trouble with. I therefore built a lesson off Aesopian's vid, going in a more conceptual direction than normal for my teaching.

I introduced the class as what to do after you've swept somebody, beginning with the technical stand-up. Once you have that motion down, you can combine it with a frame against their shoulder off a collar tie. In other words, grab behind their head, while using that same arm to brace against their shoulder and prevent them driving you flat onto your back. Use the stable base that gives you to quickly technical stand up, staying low. As you will have driven through your collar tie for base, it is easy enough to use that momentum to push their head down. That exposes their back, so once you've moved your hips back, immediately move around behind, attacking the turtle or even taking their back if they aren't careful.

The technical stand up also applies directly to getting up from a sweep. When you've knocked them down, base your hand on their leg so they can't retrieve it (and therefore can't stand up), then technical stand up from there. If you're grabbing their trouser leg, you can yank their leg in the air as you stand, making it very hard for them to prevent your pass.

Teaching Notes: I haven't been to our Clifton location for a while, good to drop in occasionally. I was covering tonight as Matt J is away. Although I've taught this material twice now in daytime, this was the first time I've done it in an evening class. Went pretty well: introduce as technical stand up, then show basic version from both kneeling, before adding in the Matt Kirtley style get up from closed guard, plus the switch from a failed hip bump. I could try trimming that, but it doesn't feel like it's overwhelming to have those three variations (they're all very closely related).

I really like how it means I can continue bringing in breakdancing, too.

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