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20 November 2019

20/11/2019 - N/S Kimura into Breadcutter choke

Teaching #916
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 20/11/2019

The teaching notes are fortunately from the time, but I'm writing the rest of this up in March 2020, so I can't entirely remember exactly how the class went. However, I have been trying to use the breadcutter choke off a lapel wrap kimura, which is something I want to practice more. That works well as a method for following up the kimura when their defence is too tight.

So yeah, next time I need to fill in the description of the technique properly. Got a significant backlog with old posts, starting to gradually go through them. ;)

Teaching Notes: Pin the arm down with your shin to block it. Note that you might start with a deep grip, but to apply, it is much higher. That's in order to get enough pressure from your forearm into the other side of their neck, which is what gets the choke. Also, the importance of where to place your weight: on your toes, driving your weight into them.

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