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23 November 2019

23/11/2019 - Kev on armbars, RGA Bucks

Class #1203
RGA Bucks, Kev Capel, Aylesbury, UK - 23/11/2019

Armbar drill, then ezequiel with bottom knuckle to artery, drive hips and hook leg they're trying to push. Armbar, under elbows, cross their arms right over (maybe wristlock), grabbing elbow and pulling in, leaning back. Can then pick your moment. İf ezequiel blocked, can do the same motion, get under elbows, back to that armbar set up.

Rolling, first keV's son, nothing going from open guard, framed a bit. Running escape, left too much back open, slow motion seoi nage out. Almost exact same thing with keV after. Tried to swivel for Lepri, couldn't get underhook in and leg too far away.

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