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24 January 2020

24/01/2020 - Friday daytime, open guard passing basics

Class #1222
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 24/01/2020

I haven't taught this class all that often yet, just twice in evening classes so far. Last time it felt a bit light on content, so I think I'll add in that simple bullfighter variation, where you cup the hip and push the knee back. I could also mention my favourite 'sit on the back of their legs' type passing strategy I learned from Christian (plus the Schreiner vid), see if that is too much or not. It fits with the same principles, so should be ok to add in.

Although saying that, this already took 10 mins, which is too long for a class. I like to keep the instruction under 5 minutes. I do generally go longer in daytime classes because the format is much looser, but still. Need to keep an eye on the time. I could even start setting some kind of surreptitious timer, like the 5 min timer on my FitBit knock-off, from Upall. ;D

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