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26 February 2020

26/02/2020 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Opening from kneeling

Teaching #942
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/02/2020

The basic method of opening from the knees starts by setting up your own grips, grabbing both collars with one hand, by their chest, your other hand by their hip. Dónal has a handy tip about twisting up those two collars, rolling them over each other so that there is no slack when you grip, though that may sometimes be tough to secure.

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Also try to jam your palm or fist into their sternum to lock it in place. Regarding your hand on the hip, measure your gripping position by bringing your elbow back to their knee. Once your elbow gets to their knee, grab whatever trouser material is then under your hand, pressing your weight through that hand into the mat to try and pin their hips.

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From there, get your knee underneath their butt cheek, meaning they are slightly raised up onto your leg. Your other knee slides out to the side, so you're now making a right angle with your two knees. Still keeping your back curved, slowly wriggle backwards, shifting your sideways knee back and continuing to wriggle until you can pop open their ankles. As soon as you do, immediately shove their leg to the mat with your elbow and/or hand, then begin your pass.

Teaching Notes: I could do with a better high quality vid, so the one at the top could be replaced. However, the instagram vids still work, definitely must watch those before I next teach to see if I could do it any better. Donal's break is decent, although I do still often find that hard to get. The tricky part is stopping them shuffling towards you, when you're trying to hold them in place to create the tension against their ankles.

I'll keep practicing. Things like maximum weight through my hip hand could help, also checking BJJ Library etc. Of course, standing is always going to be better, but I'd like to keep improving this lesson too, so there's a good kneeling option as well. :)

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