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08 October 2009

08/10/2009 - BJJ (Beginner)

Class #248

RGA High Wycombe, (BJJ), Kev Capel, High Wycombe, UK - 08/10/2009

Kev continued with mount, started off by drilling mount to technical mount, which basically involved sliding your knee up their back while the other leg went up, foot tight to their side. You also put a hand behind you for base, which is something I haven't done in the past: it makes a lot of sense, as I feel a lot more stable. Kev also clarified that the knee goes to the top of their back. Previously I've tended to try to get to their head, which is probably because I got confused with an armbar set-up.

From there, Kev wanted to demonstrate an armbar from mount, starting in technical mount. Reach over and grab their elbow with both hands, pulling up. You're now going to switch back to mount, but this time you can go straight into high mount. The space is already there because you pulled on that elbow, which gets their arms out of the way of your knees.

You can now finish with an armbar, using the same technique as last time. The next technique was also a repeat of what we did on Tuesday, escaping mount by using the heel drag. Always good to get more drilling on those essential basics, so its cool Kev is making sure those are thoroughly covered.

In specific sparring, I'm still trying to do low mount with grapevines. I can maintain it, but not attack, so today I was keen to really push for a submission set up. In low mount, the only one I know is an ezequiel (not that I've ever landed one). I still can't get that hand onto their neck, as my training partners know exactly what I'm attempting to do.

Afterwards, I asked Kev his advice on getting the ezequiel. He advised hiding what you were doing by shoving your head next to theirs. That way, you can have the ezequiel all set-up, without giving them any warning, then quickly get into position after moving your head out of the way.

I also wanted to keep trying to shift to technical mount. I need to incorporate that basing hand, and make my slide sufficiently smooth that I don't leave space for them to block my foot. While low mount has been working well for me, I need to make sure I don't limit myself to that just because its comfortable. So, I tried to utilise high mount too, which is much tougher to maintain: I still haven't got a good grasp of how to 'ride' my opponent's bridging, or switch to technical mount. and need to avoid always using low mount, get better at riding out high mount. Still, I was again close to taking the back at one point, but fell off back to guard.

With Callum, I tried to put Kev's suggestion into practice, but still too obvious. Looking for those submissions made my low mount a bit sloppier, as I didn't react quickly enough when he trapped an arm and bridged. Still, that did at least give me an opportunity to ask Kev another question, this time about what to do if they block your foot when you try technical mount.

His response was that you then should switch to a pass: trying to regain mount is likely to get you swept due to the possibility of elevator hooks and the like. Something I'll have to work on, as that is almost what happened with my next sparring partner, Tom. I was blocked, looked to pass instead, but just got knocked back into guard.

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