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08 April 2018

08/04/2018 - Sunday Open Mat

Class #967
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 08/04/2018

I have to watch it as I keep falling into those slumps when my gf is away, but today helped. Good rolls with Sam. Frustrating as ever, because it gets repetitive due to how tough it is to both pass his guard and prevent him passing, but on the other hand there is an enjoyable chess element to it. Rather than relying on driving hip pressure, I tried controlling his lower legs and ankles. Putting my shin over the top was one option, or simply grabbing an ankle and trying to use that. I have to be careful he can't move into a scissor sweep position, which is a matter of preventing the lower leg getting out from underneath me.

When I was able to get into my preferred north south position a couple of times, I wasn't able to hold it for all that long. Going for the figure four lock on the arm, I couldn't successfully prevent him turning. Could be my grip is too loose, or I'm not moving into that extended arm position exerting some leverage to twist the arm so turning becomes tricky. I can get away with it on other people and turn them back to side control using the arm, but I must be missing some tension when I tried that on Sam. The arm was gone with the shoulder too mobile to spin him back onto the mat.

On the bottom, it's continued to be tougher, because there I struggle to make any kind of progress. On top I can at least occasionally get past Sam's legs, though it will take a lot of slow, methodical blocking of the legs looking for an opportunity to switch around the knee, getting my hip in contact with his. On the bottom, I always feeling like I'm just waiting to get passed. I'm turning to turtle more quickly, then turning again to move directly into Saulo's scoop escape before I get locked up. I'm attempting to think about reacting to the pass in advance, a few steps along, rather than just repeatedly attempting to block the knee coming through (as that never works well for me).

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