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09 December 2018

09/12/2018 - Teaching | Back | Crucifix Rolling Leg Kimura (Reverse Omoplata) No GI

Teaching #821
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 08/12/2018

Once you've already got into the crucifix from turtle, with their arm bent around your leg, there's a relatively simple roll through to sweep or submit. To make things easier (and safer, for drilling), I am assuming they have already grabbed inside their own leg to prevent you getting the arm. Base out on your far arm, then do a tight roll over your near shoulder, similar to breakfalling. You aren't looking to travel forward much with that roll: attempt to roll underneath yourself.

As you roll, reach your near arm under their shoulder, aiming to grab their near leg. Continue the roll, making sure you still have their arm and leg trapped. They will normally roll too, due to the pressure on their shoulder. Be careful, as if you're too explosive you may put excessive strain on their shoulder: stay controlled throughout your rolling motion. That roll should result with you in an upright position, while they are lying next to you.

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It's essential that you still have both their leg and their arm trapped. Wrap your arms tightly around their leg, then switch so you have your outside arm around their leg. The elbow of your inside arm goes into their far armpit. Keep leaning into them throughout, keeping your leg tense so they can't unbend their arm or pull it free (if they do, you still get side control, a pretty good consolation prize). From side control, you can easily switch into various attacks (like the step over triangle), as long as you make sure you keep their arm trapped with your legs.

Assuming you have managed to keep their arm bent with your near leg, base on your far leg, keeping your near leg closely wrapped on their arm. Use the base from your far leg to keep bringing your hips back. You then tilt slightly, to bring your bottom leg underneath you. This should eventually torque their arm to the point that they tap from the shoulder pressure. To keep the arm bent, as you roll you can try keeping your leg bent back. Don't worry too much about it though, as you'll almost certainly still end up on top in side control.


Teaching Notes: Main thing is thinking about how to keep the arm bent next time. Switching the legs and bending your leg back, perhaps? I shall experiment next time. As this was the nogi class, I didn't have the chance to practice it beforehand in a daytime sesssio. Next time, I should be able to iron out those kinks. Doing the 'roll underneath yourself' drill as a warm up makes a big difference I think, but people are still frequently not getting the tilt motion. They naturally think it is just scooting the hips back: so, emphasise tilt again. :)

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