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10 December 2018

10/12/2018 - Teaching | Half Guard | Overhook/whizzer counter sweep

Teaching #822
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 10/12/2018

The back take is an excellent basic option. Establish your underhook, bump them with your arm and move to the back. However, if they manage to thread their arm through (in what's called a 'whizzer', though I think more accurately it is an overhook), the back take is no longer there.

As ever, you still have options: their whizzer/overhook doesn't stop you sweeping them. Indrek Reiland shows how you can still do the toe grab, or you can do a counter roll movement. With your free hand, push their knee outwards to disrupt their base: you can also underhook that leg if you prefer. Dive your body underneath them, putting your head into the gap between their arm and their leg.

Finally, bring your whizzered/overhooked elbow back towards their head, aiming to clamp your elbow to your side (as much as you can in that position). From here you should be able to roll them over fairly easily. If you need some additional help, try tweaking their leg out like you do with the toe grab sweep.

Teaching Notes: I thought this would follow on nicely from the back take. Checking BJJ Library again (which is where I saw the Gordo 'Plan B' option), there's a good vid from Xande where he shows a back take variation, sweep and overhook counter. I realised when checking through my blog posts when I taught this before that I have actually seen that exact sequence before, but I'd forgotten. Kenny taught it at one of the BJJ Globetrotters Camps, which I drew upon for a class a while back. This time, I thought I'd stick with the simpler option of just the back take and whizzer counter, given it's a fundamentals class.

I wouldn't normally teach the back take and a counter, but then I've already taught them a standard back take already. So, a variation doesn't seem like too much of an add-on. We drilled the back take in the warm up to further help with that. Video will be added later, when I've uploaded them all onto Instagram. As ever, there is a delay. ;)

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