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03 January 2019

03/01/2019 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2019 | Priit Mihkelson, grilled chicken open guard

Class #1095
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Priit Mihkelson, Wagrain, Austria - 03/01/2019

I got a lot of training on this at the first Priit mini camp in the UK, so this was a useful refresher. Priit again paid tribute to a 2013 September match between Braulio and Galvao, the original inspiration for the grilled chicken guard. My first attempt at drilling that was slightly over a year ago:

Since then, I have been drilling it quite a lot, although I still prefer my framing sitting guard. Nevertheless, I am keen to keep practicing this, as I haven't yet gotten a handle on it. This session added in some details I'd either forgotten or hadn't noticed before, there will be even more when Priit next comes to the UK in March.

At Winter Camp, he talked about twisting to block certain passes, elbows are still on the mat. Also, framing off their leg when they start to pass and have beaten your legs. Aim the soles of your feet up as they try to pass, using your hands framing on and behind legs to spin and recover your guard. Also, if they are grabbing trousers and using the extension to pass, frame into elbow, weave foot inside, moving to recover your guard. 😀

I'll keep on drilling: Caroline and I immediately drilled this lots after class, along with the following morning. She's a great drilling partner, shame she doesn't live closer to Bristol than...well, Sweden. ;)

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