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04 January 2019

04/01/2019 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Winter Camp 2019 | Charles Harriott, leglocks

Class #1097
Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Charles Harriott, Wagrain, Austria - 04/01/2019

This was a repeat of the previous session Charles did at Heidelcamp last year, which he also taught again at my club in Bristol, Artemis BJJ. I don't think that's up on BJJ Globetrotters in Action, but there is a DVD Charles is selling. Well worth it, great class. It was handy to train something I've done a few times before, as insomnia was really kicking my arse this camp. I was almost falling asleep on the mats.

Why is it easier to fall asleep on the mats during the day than in a bed at night? Gah. Hopefully sorting that out when I get home, about time I checked in with my doctor. :)

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