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23 May 2019

23/05/2019 - Thursday daytime, adding Chris Paines tips to running escape

Class #1149
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 23/05/2019

I taught the running escape in the women's class yesterday, so it was fresh in my mind. Since then, I watched an excellent video by Chris Paines, from the class he taught at the BJJ Globetrotters Estonia Camp earlier this month. He goes over lots of material, but what was particularly useful for me were his tips on the running escape. Three parts specifically: elbow two fingers width past your hip on top, also the same on bottom (makes it harder for them to pull you back), along with 'nipple to the mat' to turn your chest down. The rolling through when they try to choke you was handy as well.

Got in some great rolls with Paulina (again, her guard passing and retention is getting good), then Matt H. As ever, I stayed super tight and defensive, trying to block his efforts to lock in a guard, seeing if I could squish round. I was pleased my running escape seemed solid, to the extent he made a point of saying how much tougher it was to move me. Yay! Though of course, this is just sparring, so that's never a reliable judge of how successful you actually are at doing something (the only way to be sure is to compete, which I don't fancy doing again ;D).

Also, make sure you vote today (Green or Lib Dems please): very important to show that shower of arseholes in the Brexit Party that the pro-Remain voice is just as loud (but we're much more articulate, honest and less covered in milkshake :P).

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