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07 July 2018

07/07/2018 - Kev Turtle attacks Class

Class #999
RGA Bucks, Kev Capel, Aylesbury, UK - 07/07/2018

The sequence begins from a standard roll over against turtle, where you pull them by the corner to move into the back. Right away from there, kimura grip an arm. Maintaining the grip on their wrist, you can then push down the other arm and trap it with your leg.

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To finish, there's the single arm choke. İf they bridge into you and clear your leg, swivel that cleared leg under (as they've given you space), establishing a crucifix on their arm. Switch your legs before you do (you already have a leg round their arm due to your previous technique of trapping their arm).

On the crucifix, you can single arm nogi choke with a squeeze, or go for a collar choke. İf they manage to dip down and roll backwards to escape, be ready to push their head into a reverse triangle. This will catch people unawares, as their arm is likely to still be stuck by your legs due to needing that base for the backward roll.

You can then either pull on their trapped arm and squeeze your legs to finish the choke, or focus on the other arm instead, going for a pressing armbar etc. After training, lots of great art in London, checking out the Courtauld Gallery for the first time. :D

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